Photography Preparation Guide
Put yourself in your buyer’s shoes and look around your home room by room with fresh eyes (or better still, get a good friend to help you look at it). Your prospective purchasers need to imagine themselves living in your home, so for the best and fastest results, you should spend some time and effort to prepare for the photo’s and your viewings. Try to clear ornaments and clutter out of the way, especially in the kid’s bedrooms! Box up and clear away things you don’t use regularly and put them in the loft or garage (we don't take photos in those areas and they’ll need to be packed away soon for moving). Check all the bulbs in the house, all lights will be on for the shoot and demonstrates good maintenance and helps with the overall warm feel of the property. Make all the beds with your best sheets and clear out underneath them and on top of wardrobes. Clean the tiles and the shower glass and get done with those little DIY jobs you've been putting off. Remove rugs (only for the photoshoot) as they make rooms look smaller in photo's. You might also find that removing or moving some of your furniture round shows the room off better?
On the day of the photo-shoot, If possible, get some fresh flowers and fruit on display. Have a few boxes handy to clear away any clutter from your bathroom and kitchen. It's all necessary 'stuff' and can go back as soon as the shot is done. People expect to see some lotions and potions on viewings, so don't worry. Hide away any valuables and jewelry and remove personal photographs, they can be seen clearly in your images online. Ensure all surfaces are clean and clear in the bathrooms and kitchen in order to make your rooms look as light and spacious as possible.. Open all blinds and curtains Oh, and take those magnets off of the fridge please? If you really want to go to town, lay the table with your best crockery and set the scene for entertaining....
In the garden, cut the grass, trim that big hedge, jet-wash or sweep the patio, remove the hose reel and again, clear away and de-clutter as much of the area as possible to show it at its best. Get the patio furniture and cushions out. We're trying to get people to imagine relaxing in the sunshine here. Clear the front garden/drive of bins, cars and anything that could detract from the view of your property.
You know your home and local area better than anyone, so write down a list of selling points to help your estate agent appeal to the best audience; bus routes, school catchment, great shops, special features/events in the area and anything of local interest that a potential buyer may not be aware of that might help sway them into buying your home.
You may not be able to do all of this but definitely do as much as you can, it will be worth it!
Thanks for your time and effort and we look forward to seeing you very soon.

Richard Stone
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