Richard has been a professional photographer for over 10 years, but has had an SLR camera in his hand since he was 11. Now living in Highcliffe, part of the beautiful Jurassic coast area of Dorset, He spends most of his time out and about as a specialist in property photography and wedding services. 
He moved to Bournemouth from Epsom in 2012 with his family. Jen, his wife and their two sons who are working hard establishing their own independent careers locally.  Dorset is such a beautiful part of the country, offering an amazing lifestyle in a glorious setting. Who wouldn't want to live here?
Property marketing used to be a fairly simple affair. There weren't many mediums to advertise and very little in the way of technology. Pictures tended to be photocopied onto paper and were generally pretty useless to a potential buyer. These days with digital technology, the best Estate Agents have moved forward with the available tech to bring clients the very best information using professional digital photography and 3D VR technology.  We have always been at the cutting edge of this market for our property agents and have high end camera equipment, a Matterport 3D VR camera for fully immersive virtual tours, a 10m purpose built camera pole for high level shots and panorama video. We also have a fully licenced and insured drone operator for that special property or view.
We intend to stay ahead in our business and update equipment regularly and are always on the lookout for innovative ways to bring the best imaging to our clients.
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