Richard has been a professional photographer for over 10 years, but has had an SLR camera in his hand since he was 11. Now living in the beautiful Jurassic coast area of Dorset, he has a studio in Tuckton, mainly used as an office as he spend most of his time out as a specialist in property photography and wedding services. 
He moved to Bournemouth in 2012 with his family, Jen, his wife who owns a florist shop in Tuckton and their two sons who are working hard establishing their own independent careers.  Bournemouth is such a beautiful part of the country, offering amazing beauty in it's glorious settings, shopping  areas and schools. 
The days of 35mm film evoke memories of the dark room and the nervous frustration of not seeing photos until they'd been processed. These days in the digital world, things are much different and we have much more editing control of our images and can take as many photos as the moment will allow. Let us make memories for you to treasure forever. We use high end equipment and understand your need for quality images. 
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